Older sibling yelling at younger sibling with megaphone


Virtual Family Workshop: Sibling Conflict and Teasing

3rd grade - Teens (+ parents)
All siblings invited

Sunday, October 4, 2020 1:00-2:30

Got Siblings? Got Sibling Conflict? Get Strategies!

Most families struggled with sibling conflict and teasing before we found ourselves in this situation of "shelter in place." In some cases, there is sibling bullying. Sibling teasing and bullying can cause more harm than the teasing kid or bully at school.

Kids/Teens and Parents will learn how to identify sticky situations and how their brain responds to sticky situations. They will learn how to "ACT" not "REACT". Tone of voice, words, and strategies for problem solving, conflict management and calming ourselves will be shared.
older sibling yelling at younger one with a megaphone
Four boys in neon shirts over purple brick

Virtual: Boys Hangout with Fun & Social Emotional Learning

Boys, Grades 3-6

Boys will have fun doing activities with Legos, Mind Craft, Scavenger Hunts, Games, and Stop Go Motion. With fun activities will come connection and working on social skills, conversation skills, and problem solving. Mindfulness activities included; Zoom link will be sent prior to class.

lego bricks being played with

Virtual: Lego Fun

Boys, Grades 2-5

Must have a min of 25 Lego pieces to participate. Kids will learn team building and social skills while doing Lego creations. Through some fun Lego building competitions kids will learn the social skills of following directions, listening, the do’s and don’ts of winning and losing, and managing frustrations. Kids may register for both classes. Zoom link will be sent prior to class.

Mom holding daughter airplane style on her back

Virtual: Mother/Daughter Workshop Dealing with Unfriendly Friends and Classmates

Girls, Grades 1-6

Moms and girls will learn about how to set boundaries when friends are unfriendly. Girls will learn what words, tone of voice, body language and strategies to use when friends say unkind words or exclude. Girls will learn exactly what to say when their friends say “I am not your friend.”, “You can’t play.”, “You can’t play with her.” During the workshop girls will be given a break while moms can ask questions. Moms will learn how to support their daughter to minimize the social pain of actions by unfriendly friends. Then we will come back together at the end! Zoom link will be sent prior to class. Please register the adult only.

Girls sitting on steps with backpacks

Virtual: Girls Empowered Assertiveness Friendship Mini-Series

Girls, Grades 3-Middle School

Being assertive is a life skill every girl needs to have in dealing with bullies, unfriendly friends, in negotiating, handling conflict, setting boundaries, to be taken seriously, and getting their needs met. Girls will learn and practice being assertive in their words, voice, and body language through role-playing and interactive activities. Girls will learn the do's and don'ts of friendship and how to work through sticky friendship situations. This workshop will help all girls no matter what their confidence level is, including girls who may be too aggressive in how they communicate to those who don’t use their voice at all. Included is role playing, interactive discussions, a poster activity, yoga, a Friendship Box and mindfulness activities. Materials fee of $25 for Friendship Box is payable at the time of registration; box will be mailed or dropped off prior to class. Zoom link will be sent prior to class.

Girl with red superhero cape looking out over the city

Virtual: Girl Power Self-Esteem Workshop

Girls, Grades 2-6

Girls learn how to grow their friendships, self-esteem, and confidence. Girls will do a workshops on building self-esteem and confidence, handling sticky situations with friends, and self-care. 

Materials will

be emailed to make a Flower Power poster, a Friendship Rules activity, and a Self-care plan. Zoom link will be sent prior to class.

Man dropping son off at school, happy

Virtual: Big Feelings, Little People Parent/Child Workshop

Boys & Girls, Grades K-3

Emotions are at an all time high. All around our kids are seeing people at their boiling points while struggling with their own big feelings. This series will help your kids identify feelings and strategies to manage their feelings. Kids will learn how to recognize when they are in a sticky situation. They will learn ways to calm themselves, problem solve and manage frustrations. Materials will be emailed. Last 1/2 hour is for parents only. Prior to class, you will receive instructions by email on how to access the class through Zoom. Please register the adult only.

Girl Power graphic art

Virtual: Girl Power with Flower Power

Girls, Grades 3-5

Girls learn how to build self-esteem and confidence, how to help themselves feel better when they are sad or mad, and the do's and don'ts of friendship. They will learn how to grow a confident and empowered girl! Materials fee of $25 for Flower Power Box is payable at the time of registration; box will be mailed or dropped off prior to class. Zoom link will be sent prior to class.

Kids tools over a yellow background

Virtual: A Parent’s Tool Box for Kids with ADHD

All Ages

Parents, get strategies NOW for what is happening in this stressful time. Get tools for mindfulness and frustration management strategies. Session will be led by Drew Yanke, Psychotherapist, M.A., LLP. Leads Dragon Academy program for kids with ADHD. Zoom link will be sent prior to class. Last 1/2 hour for questions.

Girl in pink superheroine gear with pigtails

Virtual: Assertiveness Bootcamp (Mother/Daughter)

Girls, Ages 6-Middle School

Does your daughter get bossed around a lot? Do they feel walked all over or feel left out? Girls will learn how to be assertive in voice, body language and words. They will learn how to deal with problems, conflicts and when someone is being unfriendly in an assertive way. Assertiveness is a critical social skill in dealing with everything from getting help, to standing up for yourself, setting your boundaries to following your DREAMS! This is a mother/daughter workshop; please register the daughter only. Zoom link will be sent prior to class.

 Upcoming Workshops (All Virtual Until Further Notice)