Go From Powerless to Empowered!

Help your child develop the skills to manage unfriendly peers, sticky situations and gain confidence.

No child should have to cope alone.

When kids struggle with "Big Emotions", unfriendly classmates and friends, social isolation, teasing, bullying and harassment, it can result in loneliness, meltdowns, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, depression and suicide. 
Get a plan and the skills you need to help your child:
  •  Deal with unfriendly situations
  •  Set boundaries
  •  Manage frustrations & anxieties
  •  Prevent bullying
  •  Build self-esteem & confidence
  •  Manage big emotions

Empower your child with
skills to handle life challenges.


Learn tools to
handle sticky situations

Teach kids the skills to handle mean words, frustrations, problems & conflicts

Build a support team for you and your child

Don't go this alone — from teachers to counselors to families — we help you build the right team

Change course

Empower your child with the skills needed to work through everyday situations and build lasting confidence


Parents, Teachers, Scout Leaders and Social Workers can buy the Kids Empowered curriculum and activities to work directly with kids in individually, in the classroom or in a group setting.

Coaching & Counseling

One-on-One Coaching and Counseling is available virtually, by phone or in the office on a number of issues including friendship struggles, bullying, self-esteem, managing frustration, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

Virtual & Live Workshops


Check out scheduled virtual or in-person workshops for kids, parents/child or parents only.  Schedule your own workshop!


Girl Scout Troop Workshops

Looking for programming for your whole troop? Scout Leaders and Parents look no further! Kids Empowered offerers workshops designed for girl scout troops.

Kimber Bishop-Yanke, Founder of Kids Empowered, with her family

We get it — parenting doesn't come in a handbook

I have a special place in my heart for kids who are struggling alone and doing their best to deal with being bullied, picked on or excluded.

Which is why, since 1998, I've guided them with the tools and strategies needed to build confidence, character and set boundaries —so they're inspired to stand up for themselves and others. In that time, we've stretched our support far and wide — providing counseling, workshops and camps to over half a million kids, parents, teachers, and scouts in 6 different countries.

Kimber Bishop-Yanke, M.I.M.

Founder of Girls and Boys Empowered

Headshot of Drew Yanke

Drew W Yanke, husband and father of three, is a family psychologist working with families and kids. 

Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with kids and adults with ADHD and because of this opportunity, he has gained a strong sense of empathy, compassion and understanding of how ADHD can affect the person, parents, siblings, teachers, coaches, friends and peers. Drew has been able to take his ADHD knowledge and help many families work with schools to develop IEP’s and 504 plans for school. 

Drew also has an extensive understanding of anxiety and school issues outside of ADHD and works with teens and families to cope with the ever increasing demands of higher education. He believes in his clients having the knowledge about themselves, the skills to help themselves and the ability to manage themselves to encourage self-esteem and resilience through life’s many ups and downs.

Drew Yanke, M.A. LLP

Adjunct Professor, Psychology Dept., Wayne State University

What Our Families Say

Julie M.


We had been to some of Kimber’s amazing workshops while my children were younger so I always highly respected her as a resource and specialist on this area. I never would’ve imagined making the call I did to her when my daughter was in high school. She had been “kicked out” of the very friend group we thought she was so blessed to have, many of which she had been friends since elementary school. 

After a couple of awful months of suddenly being socially excluded, called names and had rumors made up about her, my daughter asked “a friend” in the group what she had done... and was literally told “we no longer like you, you are different than us, go find new friends." She asked for examples and how she could change but none were given. 

The social exclusion became worse and worse and some of these kids would threaten to leave parties if my daughter came or if she hung out with a friend, the friend was asked why she hung out with my daughter and not to do it again. Every post she did was scrutinized on social media for no reason.

We met with Kimber and she helped explain the social dynamics behind bullying and that this was a form of bullying. She also explained the reason why this typically occurs in groups and why the “other friends” become bystanders and don’t speak up against it. 

She helped my daughter understand it wasn’t about her but about these other kids' needs for social status and to be “queen bee” and by getting my daughter out, they were able to rise to the top and have power. She taught my daughter assertive techniques to confront specific people who were actively making up mean rumors and helped her find her voice, power and words to tell them to stop. 

She also helped my daughter discover her strengths and her own personal power. Kimber helped her find many healthy ways to move forward and helped her understand this wasn’t about “her." She helped her focus on other or new healthy connections and relationships and how to move forward.

My daughter gained tools, skills, knowledge and strength to get through this time. By understanding the dynamics behind what was going on helped on many levels. My daughter having tools on what to say to some of these people or tell them to stop certain bullying behavior was exactly what she needed to gain her own self esteem and power back and be able to move on in the best way she could. 

Kimber was not only there for my daughter, but for me, so I could best support my daughter and also deal with the many feelings and issues I had from what happened to my daughter. We have continued to keep in touch with Kimber through the years and she’s always been a phone call away. I honestly don’t know what we would’ve done without Kimber during that time and others. 

She helped my daughter get through something so traumatic and find her strength, resiliency and her own positive things to offer the world. Words will never begin to express our gratitude for Kimber being there every time she was needed and being such an incredible expert in this area.

Jennifer M.


I heard Kimber speak at a conference and wanted our daughter to have the “back pocket responses” that Kimber talked about during her presentation. My daughter was relentlessly teased about her size and we wanted her to be better prepared to deal to these comments, have less anxiety and more confidence. Since working with Kimber, our daughter has learned to identify those situations that escalate her anxiety and practice responses that are appropriate for the situation.

Renata, Parent


My sister attended a conference where Kimber spoke. She thought her talk was amazing and I contacted Kimber for a consultation. I have twins- a boy and a girl. Over the past few years, Kimber has help me navigate parenting to a whole new level. I now understand how to help my kids manage friendships and exist in the “social media jungle”. Kimber offers a very sympathetic approach coupled with realistic solutions to everyday issues involving my kids. My kids can now enjoy healthy friendships and communicate with their friends on a whole other level. Kimber has heard it all and can tackle it all with a kind and intelligent approach!

Get Your Questions Answered



Identify the challenge


Help your child develop long-term skills & strategies


Empower your child for the rest of their life

Manage unfriendly situations
and misunderstandings with tools & confidence (not bullying posters).

How can we stop bullying? To start, by taking down the well-meaning posters to "tell an adult" and to "ignore it." The truth is, the majority of kids don't know how to ask for help and most adults aren't equipped to provide the support they need.
At Kids Empowered, we provide your child actual tools to shut down unfriendly situations, set boundaries  and develop healthy relationships. We also provide you with the skills to know when to intervene so you never have a bullying situation.
We provide parents, teachers and kids with training so kids can:
  •  Stand up for themselves
  •  Shut down situations
  •  Use consistent language
  •  Handle sticky situations
  •  Learn what to say when friends and peers are unfriendly
  •  Know the difference between tattling and reporting
  •  Manage conflict and be a problem solver
  •  Know when to get help

What Can We Do About Bullying?

We have a free guide to help you as a parent, leader, or friend understand the harmful impacts of bullying and
how to help someone experiencing unfriendly behavior.